Inspiring children about British farming

British farmers are vital to our everyday lives – they’re at the heart of the healthy, beautiful Britain we all enjoy.

We want to open young eyes and inspire children to learn more about British farming, from the food we eat to the countryside we all treasure.

With an increasingly volatile political and economic climate, it is crucial children understand where their food comes.

That’s why we work with children up and down the country to showcase the work that British farmers do, from providing a habitat for wildlife, enhancing rural communities to producing our food and contributing to our economy.

We know Britain’s ability to produce its own food is precious – now and for future generations. But right now, we need your support. Join us and sign up to our Back British farming newsletter. We’ll send you news from our army of food producers as well as easy ways you can take actions to support this great British industry.

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Last edited: 21 January 2020 at 16:49