Learn all about wildlife

12 May 2020

A photo of three children looking at something through a magnifying glass.

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It's time to explore!

Thanks to British farmers who care for and protect the countryside, the great outdoors is a haven for all kinds of wildlife. Take yourself on a Great Bug Hunt and see what you can find.


The task

Go outside, whether that be for exercise in a park, or even just your back garden, and see what bugs and wildlife you can find. 

Once you've found what you're looking for, be that a spider or woodlouse, ladybird or beetle, create a mini project about it.

Things you might like to include in your submission: 

  • A drawing - be careful if you choose to touch and examine what you find!
  • A list of what it might eat
  • A description of where it lives
  • You could even write a story or poem

Need some inspiration?

Wildlife is everywhere. Some places you could look are in a hedge, in some flower beds (being careful not to squash any flowers), up in trees, in the long grass, under logs and stones... and everywhere in between!

Watch our Science Farm Video to help get you started. 


Looking for more?

Want more of a wildlife fix? We've got a 'Countryside Safari' activity for you to print off and take with you on your daily exercise. Click on the image below to download your activity sheet today.

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