Science Farm Live 2024: watch again

An image of a class of primary school children with their teacher , watching Science Farm Live on a screen in their classroom.

Over 275,000 primary school children across the country joined Science Farm Live: a series of live lessons that brought the exciting world of British farming into the classroom.

Celebrating British Science Week and National Careers Week 2024, the live lessons explored key STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects through a real-life farming context.

Presented by farming role models across England and Wales and the NFU Education team, the students explored the Great British countryside and learned how British farmers are producing food for the planet while caring for our natural environment and innovating for the future.

Over a quarter of a million primary school children stepped into the boots of Farmer Fiona and Dr Claire the farm vet and discovered what a day in the life looks like for them.

The lessons are also accompanied by interactive activity packs to use before, during and after the live lessons, as well as lots of opportunities for children to interact with our expert speakers. 

Want to catch up? Choose from our lessons:

Key Stage 1: A day in the life of a farmer

Step into the boots of Farmer Fiona and learn how she cares for her sheep, cows, and pigs at each stage of their lives. Head out to the field to see how she grows their food from scratch, explore some of the exciting machinery she uses on her farm and help an agricultural engineer fix her broken tractor.

Lower Key Stage 2: A day in the life of a farm vet

Go on-call with Dr Claire the farm vet. Inspect a cow’s teeth, compare a cow’s digestive system to your own and meet some brand new calves. Then head on a ‘poo walk’ to hunt for invertebrates in the fields and learn about the digestive system, nutrition, food chains and habitats.

Upper Key Stage 2: A day in the life of a farm vet

Join Dr Claire the farm vet for an exciting afternoon of ultrasounds, arrivals and emergency calls! Claire shows you how farmers take care of cows’ hooves and how she responds to the different emergencies she’s called out to. Help scan cows to see if they are pregnant and learn about animal lifecycles, reproduction, and inheritance.

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