Climate Change Live: watch again

22 September 2022

An image of cows grazing in a field

Our NFU Education team host a number of live lessons throughout the year, where children ages 11 – 16 can learn from British farmers live on YouTube. Almost 300,000 children engaged with our live lessons last year.  

Our live lessons focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects taught through the lens of agriculture and farming, using real-life examples. Children can submit their questions to the farmers and are given tasks to complete at home. 

With the focus on all things to do with climate change in 2021, the NFU partnered with Encounter Edu to produce a series of four live lessons that focussed on biodiversity, flooding and the carbon cycle.   

The carbon cycle

Learn about the earth’s atmosphere and meet an agronomist and dairy farmer who tell us what they are doing to reduce emissions.  

Farming versus flooding 

Explore the causes, impacts and responses to real-life floods that happened in Lincolnshire in 2019 and Somerset in 2014. Meet the farmers who were significantly affected by those floods and gain an enhanced understanding of the issues around flooding. 

Exploring biodiversity using fieldwork skills – part 1  

Meet our farmers who discuss the relationship between farming and biodiversity, and we challenge you to conduct your own investigations to discover hidden creatures in your local area.  

Exploring biodiversity using fieldwork skills – part 2 

Practise your fieldwork skills as we show you how to analyse and classify the data you found from your investigations of species richness in your local area. Discover what our farmers found on the farm. 

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