Science Farm Live 2023: watch again

23 March 2023

An image of Science Farm Live 2023! lessons at a primary school in Coventry, Warwickshire. The image shows schoolchildren watching the live lesson on a large screen.

To celebrate British Science Week 2023, the NFU Education team continued to bring farming into the classroom through Science Farm Live: a series of live lessons presented by farming role models from across England and Wales.

Over 200,000 school children in KS1 and KS2 across the country watched live to explore the Great British countryside and meet and learn how British farmers are producing food for the planet while caring for our natural environment and innovating for the future.

The lessons are also accompanied by interactive activity packs to use before, during and after the live lessons, as well as lots of opportunities for children to interact with our expert speakers.

Want to catch up? Choose from our lessons: 

Key Stage 1: How are tractors connected to space?

How are tractors connected to space? Why are tractor wheels so big? And why is the tractor the most important machine on a farm? Join us to meet Farmer Eveey to answer these questions and learn about the different parts of a tractor, the materials they are made from and why each material has been chosen for each job.

Lower Key Stage 2: How are pigs connected to jumbo jets?

How are pigs connected to jumbo jets? How are pigs helping the environment? And what on Earth is a pig dog? Meet Flavian the pig farmer and his clever pig dog, Rex, and learn how they look after their team of pigs to keep them happy and healthy. 

Upper Key Stage 2: How are sheep connected to seaweed?

How are sheep connected to seaweed? How is wool connected to outer space? And why does King Charles think that wool is a wonder fabric? Join us on a journey from the depths of the English Channel to a NASA space craft to discover why wool is a material worthy of royal approval.

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