Become a plant expert

27 September 2022

An image of two purple garden cosmos flowers in the countryside

Photo: Pixabay

Our Education team have pulled together a hands on activity for you to do at home to help learn all about parts of a plant. 


  1. Learn all about parts of plants and where seeds come from by clicking here.
  2. Go for your daily walk and see how many lovely spring flowers you can spot. Can you name any of the parts?
  3. Look for a flower that has fallen to the ground and take it home.
  4. Look closely at your flower and sketch it.
  5. Carefully dissect your flower and examine each part. Can you remember what it’s called and the job that it does? Arrange each dissected part separately on a large strip of paper and label them to make a poster for your wall.
  6. Make a movie to show how seeds are made. You could do this using drama or stop motion animation using card, lego or plasticine.