Activities for children aged 8-11

06 January 2021

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A year on the farm

Can you fill in the sentences to complete a list of jobs which farmers do through the year? You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page, but no cheating!

Fun and activity booklet activities_72850

Let's get cooking

Have a go at making your own delicious pizza, and if you're feeling creative - can you turn this into a business idea?

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Food chain game

Can you order where your food comes from, from farm to fork? You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page, but no cheating!

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A year on the farm

  • Vaccines help to prevent disease.
  • Crops are sprayed to protect them from pests. 
  • Farmers can add fertilisers to their crops in order to provide extra nutrients. 
  • Shearing makes sure that the sheep don't get too hot during the summer. 
  • A ewe is a female sheep and a ram is a male sheep. 
  • A ewe's pregnancy lasts five months.
  • Cattle are kept in a barn to protect them from the cold and wet weather. 
  • Cultivating breaks up and loosens the soil. 
  • Hay is cut grass.

Food chain game

Strawberry jam: 1 Strawberry plants go into the soil, 2 Flowers are pollinated and fruit ripens, 3 Strawberries are picked (or 'harvested') by hand, 4 Factories turn fresh strawberries into jam

Wheat flour: 1 Wheat seeds are planted in the fields, 2 Crops are sprayed to control weeds and pests, 3 Wheat crops are harvested by machine, 4 Wheat ears are milled to make flour

Milk: 1 Dairy cows and bulls mate, 2 Calves are born, 3 Cows are milked twice a day, 4 Milk is pasteurised and bottled at the dairy

Eggs: 1 Hens are fed, 2 Hens lay eggs, 3 Eggs are sorted according to size, 4 Eggs are packed into egg boxes

Lamb roast: 1 Ewes and rams mate, 2 Lambs are born, 3 Farmers look after their flock of sheep and new lambs, 4 Sheep are sold at market for meat production