Wool the wonder fabric

A photo of wool being produced at a wool making factory.

Wool is a super fabric! It has lots of amazing qualities that make it useful for making a range of products. However, man-made fabrics are frequently used in the fashion industry. Synthetic fabrics can damage the environment as they are not always biodegradable and can cause microfibres to be released into our rivers and oceans. That's why we've got a challenge for you.

Your challenge

Research the techniques used to make wool into a fabric and design a unique clothing product using British wool as a key material. 

Have a go at creating your design using this template and be sure to think about its benefits for the user and for the environment.

Things to think about:

  • What type of wool will you use? Do some research into different sheep and their wool
  • Why is wool different to man-made fibres like polyester?
  • Who might want to wear your product?
  • What clothes do you like to wear and why do you like them?

Inspiration station

Struggling to get going? Here are just some of the ideas that we've seen in our previous Farmvention competition. 

Reuben designed a woollen outfit for an explorer.#LockdownLearning wool challenge_73381Isabel researched wool and designed a coat to keep children safe and visible walking to school.#LockdownLearning wool challenge_73382The students at Settle C of E Primary had a very special client for their felted design.