Design a British snack

17 April 2020

A photo of two children in a kitchen, dressed in chefs whites, smiling as they bake. There is flour that can be seen in the air.

Photo: iStock

Our Education team have cracked open the Farmvention archive, and this time the challenge is to design a British snack. 

The challenge

Design a new snack product that uses one or more of the following four British foods:

  1. Milk

  2. Beef

  3. Beetroot

  4. Oats

Your product needs to be:

  • Attractive for other children and young people - ask your siblings and/or friends what they like.
  • Clear about its nutritional benefits - learn all about researching nutrition.
  • Packaged in a way that protects the food before it’s eaten and then doesn't harm the environment once it’s been thrown away.