Design your own food packaging

16 April 2020

A selection of recycleable single use packaging.

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Our Education team has three fun activities for you to try at home to get you thinking about food packaging and the environment. 

Complete this series of tasks to find out about how food is packaged and how we can improve food packaging to help protect the environment. Before you start, take a look at these PowerPoint slides to give you a better understanding of food packaging.

Task 1: Interview an elderly relative

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To find out how people shopped and what packaging looked like years ago, contact an elderly relative and ask them some questions! Questions you might like to ask include:

  • Where did people go shopping?
  • How was the food packaged?

Task 2: Healthy picnic


Now you've got more of an understanding about food packaging, it's time to design your own healthy picnic. Your picnic should...

  • Avoid extra plastic food packaging
  • Avoid disposable plastic cutlery and glasses
  • Include plenty of healthy food and drink

Task 3: Design a poster  

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Sharpen your colouring crayons and dig out the coloured paper - it's time to get creative. Now that you've looked at the pros and cons of packaging and how it can be improved, design a poster to show consumers and manufacturers why they should apply the 'Six Rs' to food packaging.

The 'Six Rs' can be applied to help reduce the environmental impact of food packaging.

  • Rethink - do things differently, how can we shop differently? 
  • Refuse - don't use extra unnecessary packaging
  • Reduce - make less waste by using a reusable shopping bag
  • Reuse - use again
  • Recycle - turn waste back into useful things
  • Repair - mend something instead of throwing away

Make sure that your poster is informative, with relevant titles, pictures and captions. If you're feeling extra creative, you could even design a prototype using some materials from your recycling box!