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Backing British Lamb

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Welcome to our one stop shop for everything you need to know about British lamb.

Find out more about:

What’s so special about peak season lamb?
Offering the ultimate mix of price and quality, new season lamb has a wonderful delicate flavour and succulent, tender texture. It’s a great time to buy British lamb! British lamb is produced to some of the highest welfare standards in the world, so don’t forget to look out for it when you’re out shopping – it’s tender, tasty and in plentiful supply.

But when in the year is peak season?
June sees the beginning of the lamb ‘peak season’ going all the way through to December. Peak season lamb is born during the main window of lambing from February to April and accounts for about two-thirds of liveweight lambs marketed in the UK.

Why choose Red tractor lamb?
BBF icons - red tractor_275_275If you want to buy a quality product that can be traced back to the farm it was reared on, just look out for the Red Tractor logo on pack. The assurance standards cover food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and traceability from farms to pack.

The welfare needs of sheep must not be compromised at any stage of their lives including transporting them in approved, safe, suitable vehicles. Farmers must also make sure their farming practices don’t damage the environment. Animals must be identifiable and traceable back to their farms of origin and the lamb produced meets standards of hygiene so that is it free from contamination and is safe to eat. The standards on Red Tractor assured farms are checked by independent assessors.

Other ways to back British farming by buying British lamb:

  • Look for the Red Tractor on packaging so you know you’re buying British lamb.
  • Eating out? Don’t be afraid to ask where the meat is from – a good caterer will be happy to share their sourcing policy.
  • Strike up a conversation with your butcher, retailer or market stall holder – don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • If you’re not happy with the answer, vote with your feet!

Roast it, fry it, barbecue it - get clued up on your cuts

Lamb is a really versatile meat and there are lots of different cuts available. Get clued up on your cuts with this handy guide so you can choose a cut depending on your preferred cooking method.

Lamb cutlets, shoulder steaks, noisettes, valentine steaks, barnsley chops, chump chops, leg steaks, whole shoulder.



Rack of lamb (crop)_600_446ROAST IT
Rolled and boned shoulder, rolled boneless shoulder, whole and half shoulder, cushion of lamb, whole and half leg, boneless rolled leg joints, rack of lamb (or best end of neck), boned and roiled loin, saddle of lamb.


Lamb shank (crop)_600_369

Scrag end, boned, diced, shoulder or leg, whole boned and rolled leg and shoulder, lamb shanks, best end chops or cutlets, chump chops, lamb cubes.


Download this FREE guide to read more detailed information about the different lamb cuts, along with storage and shopping advice or visit Simply Beef & Lamb to view a full interactive guide.

Guide and images kindly provided by AHDB beef & lamb.

barbecued spatchcock lamb_2362_2362Delicious recipes

Our friends at Simply beef and lamb have hundreds of fantastic recipes for you to try.

With the summer weather hopefully here to stay, it's time to dust off the BBQ and get creative!

Our favourite recipe this month is a delicious barbecued spatchcock lamb served with potatoes and salad.  A simple but tasty recipe that takes just 15mins to prepare and cooks on your BBQ in 40mins!

Beer matching

British Beer - Beer Hawk_199_199

Now you’ve found a delicious lamb recipe to try, all you need is the perfect drink to accompany it. Our friends at Red Tractor have produced a beer and food pairing chart to help you match good food with great beer.

Red Tractor beer and food matching_546_773The best kinds of beers to pair your tasty British lamb are:

• Malty bitter or milk – amber, honeyed, caramel
• Hoppy bitter – fruity, citrus, floral, bitter
• Earthy bitter – dry, firm, bitter
• Stout or porter – earthy, toasty, chocolate

Download the full guide here.

Watch the journey of this roast lamb dinner from fork to farm in less than 30 seconds!

Back British Farming

Back British Farming

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Backing British Lamb

Backing British Lamb

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