Our food standards campaign: The journey so far

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Countryside champions food, farming and rural life and is part of the wider NFU which represents over 47,000 British farmers.

These farming families are proud to produce our nation's tasty, high quality and affordable food but they're only able to do this if they can compete fairly with the rest of world. Sign our petition to ensure food imported into this country is produced to the same high standards as our own.

Our petition timeline:

27 January 2020: Letter to Prime Minister

The NFU mobilised a huge coalition of farming, environmental, animal welfare and public health organisations to write a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask that high British food standards are protected in future trade deals.

25 February 2020: Petition launches

11 March 2020: We reach 15,000 signatures

Goal: Government puts laws in place that prevent imports of food that is produced in ways that are illegal in the UK

    Sign our food standards petition and ask the UK Government to ensure all food imports are produced to the same high standards as British farmers.

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    Bevelie Shember - 01/06/2020 08:51:03

    I have no confidence in this government maintaining let alone improving food standards as we leave the EU without serious pressure from the electorate.

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