What are people saying about British farming?

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We are proud to say that we have more than half a million Back British Farming campaign supporters, and many more people who are engaged in the important conversation about the future of British food and farming.

On this page you can see what people are telling us, in their own words.

We need to support our farmers, give the respect they deserve and a living they can survive and thrive on. The is will support the animal produce that we eat or drink. We look after nature and nature with our support looks after us. We need to respect this!
Helen Phillips

I will not allow sub-standard food products compromise my health, therefore I will buy direct from the farmer or my local butcher. It may mean eating less meat, but I am prepared to sacrifice a meal or two per week to keep within my food budget.
Kay Stuart

If it wasn't obvious before it is now. We must have the ability to be self sufficient in food, water and energy. This means ensuring our farmers can get a proper living from their work, that the population supports them and government intervenes to help where and when necessary. As for Brexit, you need to be careful about what you wish for. We are heading rapidly for a no-deal Brexit. Alongside the trade and health risks from the US deal and COVID-19 we really need to do everything we can to ensure a safe future for this and future generations.

Too much talking about trade. Everything should be grown reasonably local and supported by local firms and government. Why are discussions even talking about American involvement. Very concerning In terms of packaging, food mileage, standards and generally just supporting local people.
John Moane

Knowing that British farming is always here for us and abides by the most strict standards of care for animals and plants gives us a sense of security and hope that things will get better while the world is turning upside down. We should be privileged to be their customers.
Margaret Weatherby

We should be so proud of our farmers here in Great Britain and proud of our country just as other countries are proud of the food they produce, we are small enough to drive forward a good health giving plan for now and for future generations.

Our food standards campaign: The journey so far

Here at Countryside, we champion food, farming and rural life and are part of the wider NFU which represents over 47,000 British farmers. Farming families are proud to produce our nation's tasty, high quality and affordable food, that's safe traceable and produced to high animal welfare and environmental standards. But they're only able to do this if they can compete fairly with the rest of world. Read about our campaign to ensure the government honours its manifesto commitment to put laws in place that prevent imports of food that is produced in ways that are illegal here in the UK.

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What we must guard against is the government trying to lower our UK standards to get round the quality safeguards on imported food. Until 31 December we have to adhere to the EU standards. After that, it appears that, according to the government, anything goes. And don't forget, if we want to export our quality food to the EU we will still have to meet their standards.
Kate Jewell

We all want British food from British farmers, we produce the best quality food in the world so let's support them - no inferior imports.
Trevor Allen

If this food trade deal with the USofA goes through and I fear it will then our government should at the very least insist that the country of origin is shown predominantly in large letters. This will allow consumers to make up their own mind. 
Russell Smith

I am proud to support buying British/Irish produced food, and where possible I like to buy local. Our farmers and food producers are the heart and soul of our countryside. We must support them against low grade low standard imported food. 

I'm proud of the high welfare standards expected from our farmers. They can never be high enough. Did not politicians say we were leaving the EU so they couldn't tell us what to do? Are we saying that we only had high standards because the EU dictated it? That must be true if our standards now are allowed to decline. How shameful that would be. Especially as a series of govt ministers have declared how important it is to keep welfare expectations high and they will never be compromised. I'm looking at you Mr Gove. Are you being made a liar? This would be the only conclusion we could come to if standards declined. 

Why are we calling for a Commission?

Click here to read more about why we're calling on the government to put together a group of experts who can work together to advise on the best way to stick to the commitment of safeguarding the UK's high standards of food production. Specifically, this means that any imported food we eat should have the same high production standards, environmental standards and animal welfare standards that we have here in the UK. 

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Which? says that each year in USA 1 in 6 people are made ill by what they eat. In the UK it is 1 person per 28. Do the maths. We must ask you to protect the high quality of our food, the livelihoods of those producing it and high standards of animal welfare. We don't need or want imported food produced using unacceptable methods including too many chemicals and low animal welfare. Animals deserve good care and we deserve good food! 
Pamela Barnard

Antibiotics should not be used as a routine but as a treatment when necessary so that they remain effective when we really need them. We should not be lowering food standards in our country and should be producing as much as possible here for environmental reasons and reduce our dependence on less reliable sources elsewhere. 
Andrew Roughton

The general public need to understand that food produced here is of a very high standard, that needs support. 
Nick Hasell

I grow my own organic veggies and microgreens. Where I can, I always buy organic meat or nearest as I can. I don't want clorinated from the US of A in our supermarkets. Overall, I don't want to buy any foreign meat. British is BEST. 
Dave Clifford 

All supermarkets in the UK should stock British fruit, veg and meat, before allowing other countries produce to be sold. Buy British, support the farmers and, more importantly, eat the best. 
Jill Eddie

How can I support British farmers?

Click here to find out how you can do simple things to Back British Farming every day - including sourcing guides to help you find British food on the supermarket shelves.

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I would like to back British farming, particularly British organic farming. I am worried about the effect of cheap imports from the USA dragging down our food and environmental standards yet further. I want to see a productive but nature-friendly countryside with minimal use of pesticides and herbicides. 
Martin Reed 

I'm suspicious that our government may back pedal on its oft stated promise that there'll be no relaxing of food animal/bird welfare standards, or of our food hygiene standards, use of pesticide, herbicide, anti-microbial (antibiotic) treatments, and that food safety will be maintained by keeping bacterial contamination low rather than tolerating high levels then using chlorine wash; and banning hormone and routine antibiotic use as growth promoters. We need to keep our standards the highest they can be, and not allow food into the country with lower standards. Gov't. needs regular reminding of its promises. I suspect that deals or promises of possible deals may already be being planned behind the public's backs. Only by producing wholesome homegrown food can we ensure this country's food security, so that we can be as self-sufficient as possible regards non-tropical fruit and veg especially. 
Martin Paine 

Absolutely vital to protect our farming and horticultural industries and ensure we are eating safe food. 
Bernard Sparkes

We need to maintain our high standards in animal welfare and also in the food chain no unnecessary antibiotics! We all need to be able to afford decent healthy food. 
Mrs E Phillips

The standard of British food is of paramount importance to the health of the people in Great Britain. In the long run we will be saving money if we can ensure that people, all people, eat well and are not forced to eat cheap imported rubbish. Our health services are burdened with many poorer people who are already encouraged or forced to eat poor quality food. 
Linda Hewitson

Safety of food is of prime importance. The health of our children and our grandchildren depend on it. 
Ellen Pallmer

Six reasons to back British farming...

Click here to read more about British farmers who grow and produce the high quality, healthy food that we all eat as well as looking after our countryside. They are leaders in animal welfare and champions of renewable energy. What’s more, the UK food and farming industry makes a fundamental contribution to our economy, providing millions of jobs and supporting rural and urban communities up and down the country.

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John Daly - 01/07/2020 18:57:27

I believe we need to keep all unnecessary inorganic chemical away from the food chain. Less plastic in food distribution allow hedgerows and motorway/ roadsides to grow wilder longer allow wildlife to connect right across the country . An infrastructure of natural life interconnected via railways roads and woodland . Also we need to demand our water is managed far better profiteering out of an essential resource is WRONG. Local sourcing of food for local shopping wherever possible not distribution by centralised warehouses .There is far too much waste and deposits on all package would make for a cleaner less polluting and responsible attitude towards the environment. We should know where and how our food is produced and respect this ecosystem cos there is no where else for the human race and all the life on this planet to live . And if there is it is a long way away. It's simple logic not some idealistic desire!!

Mrs BSimpson - 01/07/2020 11:25:48

Keep our Green Pastures Green and our Food nourishingly British for us and our future generations

Helen Watson - 30/06/2020 19:34:37

I would like to endorse the need to retain Country of Origin labelling on all goods, including food. Shoppers need that information if they care about the environment and unnecessary food miles, as well as because they care about safety and animal welfare.

Gerry Bremner - 30/06/2020 17:24:52

We live in Suffolk, in one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the country. We all know that protecting these irreplaceable strategic land assets has never been more important as the pandemic has shown that food security is critical for the health and wellbeing of our nation. However in our region Local PLans are being consulted upon in which thousands of houses are being proposed to be built on some of our best prime grade 1&2 soil. This soil can produce world class food for our nation for generations to come. We can increase our output of high quality arable and crop produce and not only consume it within our country to help improve public health but also export it at a premium around the world as a trusted and high quality product safe for consumption and public health. The Government pledged to reinvigorate our fishing and agricultural industries with the Brexit campaign and this should be at the heart of that promise. Developers and landowners are looking however to push through local plans before the new Environment Bill is passed in which again the Government has stated that the environment will be at the centre of every policy and decison taken. If would amount to ecocide to destroy these strategic land assets at the vey point in our recent history when we have been shown with the pandemic how essential it is to protect these assets from development for the health and welfare of this nations people and for the benefit of our GDP. Please write to Boris Johnson in support of this campaign and to ask him to stop any destruction of this priceless soil. Roosevelt once said. "The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself".

Sue Davies - 30/06/2020 16:55:42

First Brexit and then covid 19. The public should understand the risks to our food chain if investment and standards are not upheld. Our health and well being depends on the food we eat.

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