9 ways to Back British Farming

30 August 2023

Back British Farming Day is 13 September 2023. Calendar icon set against a backdrop of the British flag and a variety of British produce, including meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables.

It's Back British Farming Day on Wednesday September 13. This year marks the eighth Back British Farming Day and the NFU is aiming to make it the biggest yet. If you love British food, and our iconic countryside, here's nine ways you can help spread the word and support British farming. 

  1. Use the hashtag #BackBritishFarmingDay on any of your social media channels to share why you are supporting British farming. If you are posting on Instagram make sure to tag @NFUCountryside and your content could be featured on our page!

  2. Look for the Red Tractor and choose British produce when shopping in the supermarket. The Red Tractor indicates that your food is traceable, safe, and most importantly British!

  3. Get involved by having your own celebration of British food – cook a meal with only British ingredients or celebrate a key British ingredient for your dinner. Take a look at our Recipes for more inspiration.

  4. Sign up to become a ‘Back British Farming’ supporter, and you’ll also receive a regular supporter newsletter.

  5. Learn some fun facts about farming to expand your knowledge and share with friends.
    1. There are over 700 different types of cheeses produced in the UK!
    2. The UK produces over 90% of the world’s daffodils.
    3. The UK produce 2 billion portions of frozen peas each year! And most make it to the factory and through the freezing process in under 2 hours.
    4. British asparagus can grow up to 10cm in one day.
    5. On average, we eat 202 eggs per person per year – that’s enough to make 1,200 fairy cakes.

  6. Look for British produce when eating in restaurants. Many restaurants will specify on the menu whether their ingredients are sourced in the UK or not. Not sure if the produce is British? Ask where it comes from!

  7. Visit your local farm shop to enjoy delicious produce that is grown locally.

  8. Look out for our iconic wheatsheaf pin badges that will be worn by farmers and supporters on the day.

  9. Get outdoors! Go for a walk in the beautiful British countryside cared for by British farmers. Make sure if you are walking in fields with farm animals to follow the Countryside Code.

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