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If you love all that's great about the British countryside, our beautiful landscapes and the farmers who bring us our food, you'll love Countryside. What's more, we're the proud home of the Back British Farming campaign, bringing together all those who are passionate about British food and the people who grow it.

From rural crafts and traditions, practical and inspiring gardening tips, delicious recipes, wildlife, four-legged friends and great places to visit, to discovering more about your food provenance and how you can back British farming, Countryside aims to inspire everyone about rural life.

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Why you should Back British Farming

It's all about food. Great, British, delicious food. From farms across our hills, fields and glasshouses, farmers produce healthy, affordable, quality food to world leading standards, all while protecting and enhancing our precious countryside.

British food and farming is vital for the economy, worth £122 billion to the UK and provides 4 million people with jobs. And don’t forget, British farming helps to keep our nation powered up by producing renewable energy for more than 10 million homes.

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