Five ways to back British beef

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Whether it's trying different cuts of meat, refreshing your ingredient ideas or sharing support on social media, you can help support British beef farmers. 

1. Red Tractor 

Look out for the Red Tractor label and buy British beef. Try buying and cooking different cuts, dig out new recipes and put beef firmly on the menu in your kitchen.

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2. Understanding nutrition 

“Beef is a true nutritional power pack, providing a host of important vitamins and minerals for children and adults alike,” says Jilly Greed, founder of Ladies in Beef. Understand the nutritious benefits of beef and share this knowledge far and wide with friends and family. Beef is naturally rich in protein and it provides iron and vitamins that are essential for good health and wellbeing. It’s also a great source of nutrients and is rich in zinc.

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3. Share your support on social media 

Stand up for British beef farmers and remind your circle of friends, followers on Facebook and your children just how sustainable British beef is and how its carbon footprint is half the global average. Shout about the sustainable way British farmers are rearing beef and managing the land. 

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Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your support for British beef. 

4. Great British Beef Week: Get involved!

Great British Beef Week is a national celebration of our fantastic home-produced beef – designed to tickle the taste buds and put some sizzle in our succulent steaks, Sunday roasts, cottage pies, and stir fries.

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Visit: to download a fantastic Shopper’s Guide to Buying British beef.

5. Up your ingredient game

Refresh your ideas, make some ingredient swaps and try some new beef recipes – is packed with inspiring meals and is a great place to find tried-and-tested beef recipes to make at home.

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