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01 June 2020

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Thank you to the more than 1 million people who signed our food standards petition in 2020. It's because of you, the government answered our calls and created the Trade and Agriculture Commission, which is committed to safeguarding the UK's high standards of food production in future trade deals.

You made it clear that you want the food you eat, to continue being produced to leading standards, even in the toughest global circumstances.

Here at Countryside we're proud of the farming families who produce our nation's tasty, high quality and affordable food. But they're only able to do this if they can compete fairly with the rest of world.

Every single one of you who signed the petition played a part in ensuring British farmers can continue to thrive and produce the food we love.

Is there anything more we need to do?

This issue is far from over; dozens of trade deals are set to be struck in the coming months and years.

We need you to keep highlighting the importance of high food standards and to help MPs understand how much we all care about the food on our plates and countryside we all treasure.

Back British Farming Channel Listing image, BBF logo_68728

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Our journey so far

Find out how our food standards petition is progressing, what action we've taken and how many signatures we've collected so far.

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Why do we need the Trade and Agriculture Commission?

Find out how the Commission seeks to ensure that food imports meet high standards of production, environmental protection and animal welfare.

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