Top tips for disposing of your Christmas tree

09 November 2022

A picture of a christmas tree in a wheely bin outside a house

Sadly, the festive season can’t last forever, and come 6 January it’s time to have all your Christmas decorations taken down and put away for another year.

Did you know that 8 million real Christmas trees are bought each year? The way that you dispose of them can make a big difference to the environment. Recycled trees are usually shredded into chippings which are then used locally in parks or woodland areas, making good use of your tree after you’ve finished with it.

If you treated yourself to a real tree then you might be wondering how to dispose of it responsibly. We've got some ideas for you on how to get rid of your Christmas tree. 

Top tips on disposing of your Christmas tree

  • Council collections: lots of councils offer a special tree collection service over the festive period. Check with your local authority or watch out for a leaflet through the door or a sticker on your bin.
  • Compost it: if you have a small tree, consider composting it or chopping it up and putting it in your garden waste bin
  • Recycle it: your local recycling centre is another good place to get rid of your tree responsibly – check it out before you make the trip
  • Community collection: find out if any of your local community groups organise a Christmas tree collection on your street
  • Replant it: if you bought a potted tree with its roots intact you could replant it in your garden and save it for next Christmas

With Christmas also comes excess waste from packaging and wrapping paper and along with a reduced bin collection it can be difficult to manage all of your waste. If you do use someone to collect your excess waste, make sure that they are registered waste carriers. Ask for their waste carrier number and a receipt which includes the business address. You can phone 08708 506 506 to check their status.

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