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Spada Clothing is a British Motorcycle Apparel brand with a focus on delivering affordable, comfortable and safe protective gear from top to toe for UK motorcyclists and ATV riders. We value our British heritage and the traits and trades of the British public have gone a long way in influencing our design philosophy.

Above all, the Spada mission statement is that everyone should be able to afford to be safe, so when we heard about this opportunity from the NFU, we were happy to work with them to supply our range of safety helmets.

The ‘Edge’ is an open face helmet designed for use on and off-road, the Edge is certified to the European Standard, ECE 2205, which involves rigorous testing of multiple properties to ensure road safety. As a road legal helmet, the Edge has passed impact and chin strap fastener testing to ensure it performs under the most stressful conditions.

Wearing a helmet, getting trained and keeping the machine maintained all help riders stay safe.  

The use of helmets is mandatory under health and safety law every time an ATV is used at work.

What is the discount?

The NFU and Spada have partnered to offer a 25% discount on helmets and across the entire Spada range to help Countryside members stay safe and stay legal.

How do I claim my member discount?

25% Discount can be achieved by one of the following routes​

  • ​Phone
  • Email
  • Web

For further information on each of the above methods please refer to the Spada Purchase Process found here (requires member login)

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