Science Farm: Teach your children about the food chain

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A chain reaction

How much do our children know about the food chain? The latest Science Farm resources from the NFU help to explain how animals get their food from plants and other animals, using the simple idea of a paper chain. 

Linked to the national science curriculum in England, Science Farm is a new, fun and engaging education initiative to help show youngsters what happens to their favourite ingredients from farm to fork. They’re not just aimed at schools – the resources are great for use at home to help teach your children, or grandchildren, where we all sit in the food chain.

The food chain

Here’s a simple way to explain the four elements of the food chain:

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  1. A human is an omnivore – they eat both plants and meat as part of a balanced diet.

  2. Cows are herbivores – they like to eat foods such as grass, hay and silage.

  3. Cats are carnivores – they eat a diet comprised mainly of meat.

  4. The sun is a producer – it provides the energy required for plants to grow.

Make your own paper food chain

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