Science Farm Live 2022: watch again

Science Farm Live: a new series of live lessons for British Science Week 2022To celebrate British Science Week 2022, the NFU Education team launched Science Farm Live: a new series of live lessons presented by farming role models from across England and Wales.

Over 150,000 school children from over 1,600 primary schools watched live to explore the Great British countryside and meet and learn how British farmers are producing food for the planet while caring for our natural environment and innovating for the future.

Want to catch up? Choose from our lessons:

Lifecycles LIVE

Learn about life cycles, including where lambs and calves come from and the different stages they go through during their lives. Meet some fluffy Belted Galloway calves and you may catch a spot of live lambing.

Fantastic mini beasts and where to find them

Learn about minibeasts, their habitats and the important jobs they do for British farming. Our insect expert Sally-Anne Spence introduces us to four different types of helpful insects who all do essential jobs for British farmers, and we challenge you to investigate what hidden creatures you can find in your local area.

Climate change superheroes

Develop your working scientifically skills while learning about climate change. Meet Jess, a British dairy farmer and animal science student who is tackling climate change by researching new ways of reducing the methane emissions of her cows, or in other words, how much her cows burp!

Discover why healthy soil is so important and conduct your own investigations into the soil health in your area. Learn about the shocking statistics around food waste and how you can get involved in the fight against climate change using everything that you have learned.

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