Become a food scientist

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Become a food scientist! Food fills our bellies but with the help of a few scientific tricks, it can also be preserved to be eaten later, change state (that's when something changes between a solid, liquid or gas) or even be turned into a solution to help with other scientific experiments.

Here's 4 easy activities you can try at home to help you become a food scientist with some helpful hints from our friends at the Association for Science Education explaining the method behind the 'magic'...

Investigation 1: Making and testing red cabbage indicator

Click here to download investigation number 1, all you need is a small handful of red cabbage and some hot water.

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Investigation 2: Making dried fruit snack

Get some fruit at the ready and make your own dried fruit snack - click here to download your guide.

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Investigation 3: Drying herbs

Harvest your herbs and get cracking with investigation number 3.

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Investigation 4: Making ice cream in a bag

We all love a treat of ice-cream, don't we? Now it's time to have a go at making your own - click here to download a step-by-step guide.

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We'd love to see your own experiments in action. Send us your photosYou can send them to, and if you enjoy this activity, check out the current Farmvention challenges over at

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