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Seasonal labourDaffodil picking_64191

In the lead up to Mother’s Day last month, NFU Chief Horticulture Adviser Lee Abbey spoke to BBC Radio 4 about worker shortages in agriculture and the threat they are posing to daffodil producers. NFU members Matthew Naylor and James Huskin also appeared on Good Morning Britain and talkRADIO to highlight the difficulties in retaining overseas workers.

Farmvention competition

Farmvention champion Ronald Ross Primary School_62655

The winner of the NFU’s Farmvention competition was announced in a special event at the House of Commons on 13 March. The grand prize was awarded to Ronald Ross Primary School in Putney, London for their ingenious tractor of the future design: an eco-friendly drone zip line that protects soil structure by sowing, maintaining and picking the crop from above, removing the need for heavy machinery.

Record breaking Big Farmland Bird Count

Big Farmland Bird Count launch Minette Battters_62716The results of The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's Big Farmland Bird Count were unveiled, recording over 140 species. Encouragingly, a total of 30 red-listed species were recorded, with 5 appearing in the most-commonly seen species list. These included fieldfares, starlings, house sparrows, yellowhammers and song thrushes. 

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Terry Evans - 18/03/2019 13:04:28

The public must get involved to ensure that US farm products that fail to meet OUR standards are not allowed in. I, for one, will make sure my purchases are from British farmers, and will join any campaign supporting this

Wendy MacKenzie - 18/02/2019 12:33:44

I think it vital that the Goverment has proper thought out plans for the future of farming. Its not only the enviorment, but how our livestock are treated. I had heard that the USA was going to force our farmers to give growth hormone injections before they will take any meat from us. This is very important that we are not forced to do this just to sell to the US. And we dont want food that has been tampered with before coming into this country.And our farmers will still need support of cash which they have been getting from the EU. For many, its vital.

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