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Here is your seasonal guide to British fruit and vegetables, celebrating all the fantastic fruit and vegetables grown by British farmers.

Our interactive chart will help you find out when British fruit and veg is in season and available to buy. 

Use the month and fruit/veg filters to narrow your search and click on a food item to meet the grower or find out more information.

British growers use modern growing and harvesting technology, along with good storage conditions to enable us to eat some British crops, like carrots, cauliflowers, potatoes and apples all year. Some warmer climate crops such as aubergines and peppers can be available to buy in colder months because they're grown using glasshouse technology in a controlled microenvironment. Find out more about British horticulture here.

Download the seasonal guide as a poster

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Caroline Anderson - 05/07/2020 12:12:25

I certainly agree that a printable list would be of immense use for myself and others who are interested in buying fresh local produce

Barry Read - 26/06/2020 20:01:25

This chart should be as a poster in every supermarket (in the veg area) and carry the slogan, "name of supermarket, supports British vegetable growers"

Paul Roberts - 23/06/2020 22:45:01

Agree with others..... please make the list printable so we can print off and use.

Tony Wiseman - 23/06/2020 08:11:34

Totally agree with Andrew Maxwell. This needs to be in a printable format so we can keep it near our shopping list.

Diane - 22/06/2020 18:34:08

I agree. The table should be by fruit and veg in all supermarkets. Giving the consumer information of when we are buying british products and not imported

Andrew Maxwell - 22/06/2020 13:16:41

I would love this as a print-out-able guide i can, er, print, and put on mu cupboard door.

Eileen R Sargeant - 22/06/2020 11:58:34

Brilliant interactive guide. As all food seems to be in the shops at all times these days, I had forgotten the true British seasons. As a child in England you could only buy what was in season (No fresh food imports of what could be home grown in those days)

Jenny Stevens - 22/06/2020 09:30:57

Shame I cannot either print or save to 'books' the whole table only a snapshot of the page, screen shot, showing.

Gary Mercer - 22/06/2020 08:57:52

Do you have the seasonal Fruit & Veg guide as a PDF - I would like to print it to give to our customers , Regards Gary

Mrs. Sandra Brooks - 22/06/2020 08:28:11

Keep up with the good work & high quality that is there at the moment.

Tracy whelan - 21/06/2020 23:04:56

We need to invest in our British farmers and eat crops from our own land.

Lesley Draffen - 21/06/2020 16:42:03

I should very much like to know which fruit and vegetables I should be buying every month.

Dawn Waterhouse - 21/06/2020 15:11:05

Thank you, what an awesome resource. It is a really useful chart, and I would love to print it off to pin to my fridge to help with seasonal eating, however, the print option is to print what you see, not to print the whole chart. I would love to hear from you.

Paquita - 21/06/2020 14:13:49

I would and do buy British fruit and veg when in season. The season chart is very handy. As a vegan I do eat plenty of fruit ‘n’ veg. On British holidays I look for local grown produce -delicious. I want our food standards to be of the highest possible, so no USA imported chickens & meat produce chlorinated or otherwise. Our best and respected farmers in UK do keep animal hygiene at a high level, some don’t and they will always be exposed sooner or later. Back British Farmers.

Hugh Marcus - 21/06/2020 14:00:49

It should be mandatory for this guide should be displayed next to the fruit & veg displays in supermarkets, so that the public can see that the stuff they're about to buy is 'out of season'

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