Harry Hall fruit


Locations: Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex
Produce: Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

The family-run Hall Hunter Partnership (HHP) is located in Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex, and is a leading UK grower of top quality berries for supermarkets including Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Tesco and the Co-Op. During the harvest season the farm employs more than 2,000 workers spread across eight production sites, five farms and three plant nurseries.
The strawberries grown are available to pick from March-December, raspberries and blackberries follow from April-November and blueberries from June-October.
The varieties of berries are chosen carefully in order for the farm to continually improve the quality of their produce for their customers. When choosing a variety of berry to grow, Harry and his team look at flavour, shelf life and appearance. 

The majority of the berries are grown in poly-tunnels or in glasshouses, however around 40% of the blueberries are grown in open poly-tunnels and glasshouses because they are hardy berries and they increase pollination. Both poly-tunnels and open poly-tunnels provide the ideal growing environment and enable the farm to grow top quality fruit protected from weather damage. 

HHP are fully accredited members of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming). The farms grow crops in fields with many predatory insects managing pests such as aphids. To support these communities of insects, the farm fields are separated with hedges and beetle banks. In addition wildflower areas and woodland have been incorporated in order to support as wide a variety of birds and mammals in each field. 


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Nick B. Oxford - 23/09/2019 21:18:05

Hi Harry & Co.. Your "Berry World" raspberries are the tastiest & juiciest ever. I always pick a pack up from my local Tesco Express , very yummy.

Maureen G Carr - 23/09/2019 09:25:25

I Buy your strawberries from my local Sheffield Tesco and they are absolutely delicious and mostly juicy. Keep up the good work. Luckily I do not have to watch my weight!! very juicy. Keep up the good work.

Daphne Woodford - 06/09/2019 18:56:54

Have just purchased your Blueberries from my local M and S in orpington kent and they are deliciously sweet juicy and very tasty Thank You x

Thea Irvine - 02/09/2019 21:13:24

Your blueberries are the best I've ever tasted!

Sue Durkin - 23/08/2019 21:06:20

Harry Hall, your raspberries are devine !

Nic Luker - 23/08/2019 18:53:41

Best raspberries ever.

Chris Berry - 22/08/2019 17:18:07

Have eaten kilos of your Sweet Eve strawberries and put kilos into jam to enjoy over winter. Would not buy any grower's strawberries. Thanks Harry!

Neil harvey - 15/08/2019 14:03:14

Firstly fantastic raspberry’s secondly my wants to know do you have a farm shop in West Sussex

Veronica Orchard - 14/08/2019 21:35:25

Always look for your label for raspberries - never disappointed in freshness & quality. Thanks

Amy - 02/08/2019 23:03:44

Just bought more of your delicious Summer Blush Strawberries from Waitrose. They are absolutely incredible, so sweet and flavourful and wonderful size. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for other produce with your name on.

Cherie AUSTIN - 02/08/2019 12:36:21

Been buying Harry Hall raspberries, from Tesco and I can only say they are simply large meaty and delicious.

Elaine - 28/07/2019 20:51:45

beautiful raspberries, and with M&S raspberry pavlova ice ceam, mmmm lovely

Barbara Fisher - 27/07/2019 20:55:48

I always look for Harry Hall fruit in season - without a doubt the blueberries surpass any imports and cherries superb, so pleased English fruit acknowledged as best.

Alastair Watts - 21/07/2019 22:07:09

Ate a punnet of your raspberries brought from Sainsburys to-day. Lovely delicious fruit in perfect condition. Couldn't have been better.

Jennifer Sproul - 21/07/2019 08:26:54

Second year I have found your produce in the store and I am always delighted as the berries are such better quality than other options! Thanks

Carly Lycett - 17/07/2019 19:22:56

So glad there is somewhere to tell people how good your strawberrys are! Possibly the best I've ever tasted... Perfect.

Philip S - 11/07/2019 13:09:50

I have just devoured your Blueberries grown in the UK purchased in Tesco. Great work guys delicious heading back for more.

Jeremy - 28/06/2019 01:24:36

I love your blueberries I'm a huge fan of your work in the berry industry

Mike cunliffe - 27/04/2019 15:04:19

Just had some of your strawberries from M +S ,, best I have ever had .. hope you have a long season

Linda G - 26/04/2019 16:41:24

Bought some of your Malling Centenary stawberries today. Absolute bliss. Memories of my long gone childhood when we had decent fruit . Thank you.

Simon Hopkins - 20/04/2019 19:14:09

Best strawberries I’ve had in England for years, and it’s still early-nice one all, thanks

Graham May - 14/04/2019 07:15:52

Wonderful strawberries, ( Malling Centenary) grown West Sussex April 2019. Ready, ripe and juicy. please

Sheila Lovell - 29/10/2018 21:58:34

Just to say that I purchased from Tesco during the summer Sapphire Raspberries grown by yourself in Berkshire. These were the best raspberries I have ever eaten and I shall certainly be looking for your name during the 2019 season. Thank you very much for such a delicious experience.

Jim shepherd - 18/10/2018 12:40:12

I will keep my comment short and sweet like the strawberries i have just had I am 75 years old and without doubt they we're the best and sweetiest I have ever had well done Harry Hall

Pat Watkins - 06/09/2018 23:12:25

I bought some of your Summer Blush strawberries from Waitrose today - delicious! Every one tasted good; sweet, tangy and juicy. Perfect. Thank you!

Phil Handley - 02/08/2018 08:47:51

Just bought Harry Hall strawberries from M & S in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So sweet and much nicer than the usual American ones we tend to get. Will be buying more, they're delicious

Emma Williams - 29/07/2018 16:48:22

We have just eaten 2 punnets of raspberries purchased from Tesco grown by Harry Hall and they were absolutely delicious. Best I have tasted in a long while! Thank you Variety: Berryworld j

Ruth Young - 24/07/2018 17:08:57

This is the second year we have had you lovely strawberries, the best we have tasted.(bought from Waitrose Alcester) keep them coming Best Wishes Ruth

Sue Harris - 21/07/2018 16:47:36

Your Sapphire Raspberries are the best I have ever tasted I purchased them from M and S .I do not eat a lot of fruit ?? but these are the best .Thank you .

sue hornett - 10/07/2018 18:20:38

harry hall sapphire raspberries best I ever tasted ...gone to heaven ..well done

Charmaine Hardy - 04/07/2018 16:30:58

Sapphire raspberries from M&S best I have ever tasted thank you so much

Emma - 03/07/2018 18:08:46

Harry’s hairy raspberries are a wonderful treat in our office. We discovered them last year in M&S, and I was delighted to find them in Tesco today. Keep up the good work! E & K x

Patricia Burrows - 24/06/2018 21:42:06

Just tasted Sapphire Raspberries from Marks and Spencer produced by Harry Hall they were the best I have ever tasted congratulations.

Martin wood - 21/06/2018 19:29:04

Just tasted the best raspberries in the world ripe plump absolute delicious

Lucy Preston - 21/06/2018 07:33:19

HI! I bought some huge raspberries in M and S yesterday which tasted absolutely wonderful! Is there any way that you can sell me a few raspberry canes, or, much easier, tell me the variety so that I can buy a few for my vegetable patch? They tasted just like raspberries from my childhood (rather a large handful of decades away!) Thank you for your attention to my request! Best wishes, Lucy . [email protected] . or 01603 478110 if that is easier for you to reply!

Steve Lazar - 30/05/2018 13:39:05

While visiting family in Blackheath from the US, my wife and I purchased some of your strawberries and your 'sapphire' raspberries from the M&S Food Hall located at the Blackheath Royal Standard. I must say they were simply marvelous and delicious! Makes us wish we had such wonderful local produce available through supermarkets in our area, too. Keep up the wonderful work!

Lesley Harvey - 26/05/2018 19:02:23

Hi. I purchased some if you’d strawberries from Tesco yesterday. Just wanted you to know that they are absolutely delicious. I’m really fed up with strawberries that don’t taste if anything. These are wonderful. Thank you

stuart storer - 14/05/2018 19:32:27

Hi. Just purchased some of your strawberries from Tesco. Great product, sweet, tender and delicious. Well done. Keep up the good work. Will be looking for your name again

Maureen batt - 08/05/2018 19:06:54

Today I was lucky enough to purchase some of your strawberries from tesco they were superb reminded me of my childhood they were so full of flavour I shall definetly be buying more well done

jayne little - 18/08/2017 12:41:27

Harry Hall strawberries - bought from Waitrose this week - are the best strawberries I have had all year - and I have eaten a lot of strawberries this year from various supermarkets and farm shops - Will look out for Harry Hall Strawberries again they are absolutely delicious !!

Christine Green - 19/07/2017 11:37:31

Just to say what a wonderful treat to have some of your large blackberries from Tesco . The grandchildren went through them in no time without me realizing they had eaten them all . Got another box tucked away at the back of the fridge. Shush don't tell anyone!????

Jackie Brummitt - 16/06/2017 13:50:40

Hi, I would just like to say that I have just bought some strawberrys from Tesco, which were grown by yourself in W. Sussex, and I have to say that they are absolutely juicy, sweet and delicious. I shall definitely be buying some more. Well done to you

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