Find out about food standards with egg farmer Adrian Potter


Location: North Yorkshire
Produce: Eggs

Potters of Yorkshire began producing eggs on their farm in the idyllic surroundings of the Vale of York in 1970.
The welfare of their hens is at the forefront of their business decisions and they continually look at ways to improve their conditions. This includes over £6m investment in the latest housing, providing clean, safe and stimulating environments, along with the planting of thousands of native trees on the ranges for their hens to shelter, perch and areas to dust bathe.

In addition to their own high standards, the whole farm also meets the BEIC Lion Quality Standard and RSPCA Freedom Foods Welfare standard.

In order to look after the environment, Potters of Yorkshire reduce the number of miles it takes for their eggs to get to the shops and also limit their carbon foot print by using renewable energy on farm from solar panels and biomass. 

Potters of Yorkshire has recently partnered with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance where they donate 1p for every dozen of James Potter eggs sold. So far they have raised over £50,000 for this lifesaving service. 

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