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Location: Essex
Produce: Wheat, barley and oilseed rape

Thomas Bradshaw is a fourth generation farmer who grows a range of combinable crops such as wheat and barley which are harvested with a combine harvester. In addition Tom also grows oilseed rape on his family farm in Essex.

The milling wheat that is grown at Tom’s farm is made into flour for bread as well as animal feed for chickens, pigs and cows. In addition, Tom also grows barley which is used to make beer, and oilseed rape which is made into cooking oil or to power diesel cars as biodiesel.

Did you know?

One hectare of British wheat will produce enough grain to make about 11,500 loaves of bread.

All of the crops on Tom’s farm are produced to a very high standard so that they can be eaten safely, meaning that the farm can produce good quality food and protecting the environment at the same time.  There is also an abundance of wildlife on the farm, including deer, grey partridge and the regular appearance of skylarks.

Tom has diversified his farm business and also manages a large equestrian unit as well as several farms for other farmers in the local area.

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