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Bigblu broadband

Bigblu broadband

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Bigblu is offering all NFU members a discount programme on their Avanti Superfast Satellite Broadband services.

The service offering up to 30mbps speed covers 100% of the UK and is available to every NFU member. This programme is a standalone offer from Bigblu.

What's the deal?

For consumer satellite broadband packages - with a dynamic IP address:

  • Free connection programme worth £179.98 (no up-front connection, installation or activation charges)
  • Half Price Routers An offer exclusive to NFU members (saving £29.98)
  • £5 monthly hardware rental usually £7.20 per month

NOTE: Even if you are a business you can still have a consumer package if you do not need a fixed IP.

For business satellite broadband packages - with a fixed IP address for running a website with e-commerce or to access IP based CCTV cameras etc):

  • Bigblu can offer bespoke solutions at competitive rates for NFU members requiring business satellite broadband systems that suit the needs of your business.

How do I get the discount?

The programme is available to all NFU members who have an up to date and paid subscription. This is not available to anyone who is not an NFU member.

  • Farmer and Grower members please ring NFUCallFirst on 0370 845 8458
  • Countryside members please ring the Countryside Helpline on 0370 840 2030
  • NFU Pro members please ring the Pro Helpline on 0370 842 0600


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