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Ever considered a career in food and farming?

Ever considered a career in food and farming?

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Most people would agree that farming is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. But how can you get involved if you have no experience?

National Apprenticeship Week provides a timely opportunity to think about the skills that the UK food and farming industry will need to rely on to ensure that businesses can stay resilient and productive through Brexit and beyond.

The NFU has teamed up with the National Land Based College (NLBC) to provide farmers with the chance to shape degree and higher apprenticeship programmes so that people gain the right skills required for farming businesses in future.

NFU President Minette Batters said: “Agriculture is a vital sector for the UK economy. With the opportunity now to build a new agriculture policy for the UK, to be able to increase productivity and become more globally competitive, industry skills have never been more important. The NLBC provides that opportunity for us to really look at what skills we will need for the future.”

Get more information on apprenticeships – working in everything from animal care to viticulture (winemaking).

Sophie Warner and Callum Casey, dairy, British Farmer and Grower, Student Farmer, August 2017, next generation_45850

Read about Callum, Sophie and Lewis - three young people who are building a future in dairy farming.

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The NFU recognises the importance of supporting the next generation to enter the industry.

NFU membership is free for students and young farmers and provides the opportunity to stay informed through NFU briefings, publications such as #StudentFarmer and British Farmer & Grower and access to NFU events, including NFU Conference.

Find out more about membership here.


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