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  • Posted by: Richard KingPosted on: 24/02/2017 13:20:21

    Comment: Does ivy weaken trees?

    Hi, when travelling thru England (& Belgium & France as well), I am always a bit saddened to see all those trees with their cloak of ivy, which contrasts with the lack of foliage.
    During a family gathering recently, someone replied to my remark about this, saying that it was normal for ivy to attack dying trees.
    I suggest the opposite is the case.
    An example; a house I rented a few years ago had been empty for a while, & there was this carpet of ivy in the garden. One of the trees, a walnut, had ivy all over it.
    The first autumn, we found 3 walnuts under the tree. We cleared up the ivy "carpet", & I cut bits out of the ivy creepers climbing up the walnut tree.
    The next autumn, after chasing off some of the local kids, we collected about 20kg of walnuts.

    Today, on the BBC website, there is a short dashcam film showing a near miss with a falling tree. I was not at all surprised to see that this tree too, had its cloak of ivy!

    I suggest that trees weakend or killed off by ivy pose a risk of accidents, by falling on vehicles & property during storms.
    Maybe there should be a campaign whereby people are invited to become a friend of a tree, & once a year, make sure that there is no ivy creeping about!

    Richard King
  • Posted by: Andrew PrescottPosted on: 11/08/2018 21:16:15

    Comment: we have a membership number but unable to log in to NFU, any ideas? Many thanks.
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