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Video: Michael Gove vows to back British farming

_44558New Defra Secretary of State Michael Gove vowed to back British farming during a reception event for MPs organised by the NFU at Westminster yesterday afternoon.

Some 70 MPs and nine peers attended, including the full Defra ministerial team.

The event was the first of its kind to take place since the General Election and it was sponsored by Baroness Seccombe.

As Brexit negotiations began, the NFU underlined the importance of a sector worth £109bn to the economy, which employs 3.8 million people and looks after 70% of the nation’s land.

“I’m backing British farming because there is no group of people more dedicated to higher quality produce than British farmers,” said Mr Gove.

“There’s no group of people more dedicated to high environmental standards and high animal welfare standards than British farmers. And there is no group of people more dedicated to keeping our beautiful countryside productive and attractive, and something to cherish, than British farmers.”

Watch the video below and find out how YOU can back British farmers here.

The NFU's MP reception in pictures...


Back British Farming

Back British Farming

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