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The Great British Larder

The Great British Larder

September is traditionally the month we celebrate Britain’s harvest with the greatest abundance of produce grown across the country available for us all to enjoy.  If you’re wondering what’s been harvested, check out the Great British Larder, our updated guide of what’s in season. Eating seasonal produce is a great way to back British farming. Our Great British Larder helps you to easily identify what British fruit and vegetables are in season and at their very best.

You can also check out our Sourcing guides for the latest information on sourcing policies for own-brand food products. Choosing British food means you are buying quality ingredients produced by British farmers. Remember to look out for the Red Tractor logo with a union flag to know you are buying quality British food.

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  • Posted by: Del GradyPosted on: 17/09/2017 14:34:02

    Comment: HOW CAN a bottle of liquid be 'seasonal'? It presumably has a 'use by' date on it.
  • Posted by: Susan WoodPosted on: 17/09/2017 17:54:46

    Comment: Very interesting post, good to know which home grown fresh vegetables and fruit are available to the consumer. As regard seasonal workers why can't the government provide a special passport /visa for foreign workers so the have the means to provide a labour force for the farming communities. That would be a sensible way of dealing with the problem. Then both the industry and treasury will benefit. Afteral they are the same workers who come over each year to harvest the crops. Just a thought that's all.
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