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Take a selfie for British farming

Take a selfie for British farming

Back British Farming Day last week showed our MPs pledging their support to the British farming industry. Now it’s over to you! We would love to hear from you with why British food and farming is important to you.

We know how many of you have a favourable view of farming, and know that 90% of us think farming is important to the UK economy, so why not share with us a short selfie video on why farming matters to you.

Share your selfie video

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Selfie video top tips

  1. Grab your mobile phone, find a good location and hit the selfie button - we want to see you and hear your message
  2. When taking videos holding the phone in landscape is much more effective
  3. Make sure you look into the light so we can see your smiley face!
  4. Remember to keep the camera still when you’re filming
  5. You don’t need to say much just simply why you back British farming
  6. Keep your video short and snappy

Your reasons could be:

  • You like eating local produce and care where it comes from
  • Your fuel for the day is a big bowl of cereal grown by British farmers
  • You also work outside and know the hard work farmers put in to produce food
  • Farmers look after our iconic countryside
  • I always buy British produce because it’s the best


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Back British Farming

Back British Farming

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