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Speak Up for Farming's Future

Speak Up for Farming's Future

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This is a once in a generation chance to ensure farming’s voice is heard when it matters – as the UK government shapes our future agriculture policy. The decisions made today will impact food and farming for years to come.

You only have until 8 May 2018 to let the government know your views.

Farmers are proud to produce safe, quality food at a price affordable for everyone.

British farming has world leading standards in animal welfare and environmental protection. Our farmers are proud of these standards with farming managing more than 70 per cent of the nation’s most treasured landscapes.

British food and farming contributes £112 billion pounds to the national economy and supports jobs for more than 3.8 million people.

Here are three questions you might like to answer in your response:

  • Why do you think it is so important to have successful farming businesses that focus on producing home grown food?
  • Why do you think the UK needs to have a secure supply of British food post Brexit?
  • What else should government do to ensure British food and farming prospers after Brexit?

Further ideas:

  • Ensure any changes arising as a result of Brexit do not affect our ability to produce home grown food at a price that is affordable for all.
  • Ensure there is a trade deal that ensures British farming can compete on a level playing field.
  • Ensure any food imported into the UK adheres to the same exacting standards as UK farming and food producing businesses.
  • Ensure a trade deal that sees free and frictionless trade for the UK with its nearest neighbours in Europe. 
  • Ensure farming has the flexibility to recruit a competent and reliable workforce.
  • Ensure any changes arising from Brexit that will impact on farming and British food production are worked on in partnership with the food and farming sector and that farming businesses are given the time and the right tools to manage and enable successful change.

Here's how to have your say:

Email the government and tell them why British food is so important to you. 

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What others have said:

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Did you know? 

  • Food and farming provides 3.8 million jobs across the country
  • The food and farming industry contributes £112 billion to the country's economy
  • Agriculture accounts for over 70% of land use in the UK


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  • Posted by: David G WilsonPosted on: 22/04/2018 13:50:18

    Comment: Whilst there are a very small number of wealthy farmers, the remainder work long hours in very difficult conditions with small rewards. They are at the mercy of the weather and market conditions. We NEED home grown food. Our farmers adhere to high standards for their livestock with the cost penalties when non UK countries ignore there high standards and so can compete unfairly with our farmers. No one compensates them for lost crops or for loss of animals through health or bad weather conditions. How many "producers" have to endure driving around their land picking up dead lambs.
  • Posted by: Arthur LampkinPosted on: 22/04/2018 14:05:13

    Comment: Our Farmers must be able to sell their produce at reasonable prices and not the inflated ones governed by the EU must be able to grow what WE NEED and not what the EU tell us because they want to sell their produce over ours. We can still offer stand aside benefits but not to such an extent that farmers deem it more profitable not to grow produce. We need to stand on our own feet to produce what this country needs without interference.
  • Posted by: Janet CowanPosted on: 22/04/2018 14:46:18

    Comment: The Government needs to understand the difference between tenanted farms and owned farms . Currently payments go to the landlord and tenants have seen debt soar as a result of this and massive and unsustainable rent increases.

    The bureaucracy associated with farming is ridiculously complicated and potentially punitive. There is no sensible point of contact to resolve problems as those manning phones at the RPA can’t help at all. Zero common sense. No one from government bodies attempt to assist, only penalise.

    It’s time that the government realised that farmers are actually in the business of food production. That is what they do to the highest standards. We do not want floods of cheap imports from countries with appalling welfare standards whilst the government pretends we are park keepers for the leisure industry.

    A Government that actually has any idea about farming would be useful. They seem to have no concept of the reality of farming at all and even less interest.
  • Posted by: Mrs Maureen RogersPosted on: 22/04/2018 22:57:38

    Comment: I care greatly about the welfare of our animals and expect them to be treated with respect and dignity.
    That is why I choose to buy British food that guarantees this. I sincerely expect the government to have this believe and continues to do so
  • Posted by: Penny Sally-Ann SimpsonPosted on: 26/04/2018 19:30:00

    Comment: I quote agree with all the comments posted - I don't think the present government realise the hard work that farmers have to do for little reward, and they have very little understanding of the land tenant process. Many farmers manage their farms which are owned by the Crown Estate or on land owned by the Church of England (the Church Commissioners) and so they end up like the many of us who live in rented accommodation subsidising landlords for low wages. Government nimbys and nabobs have no sense about animal husbandry or the difficulties in growing food with soil issues (eg pests, contamination) and marketing matters (packaging, distribution) and of course farm issues (immigrant labour, little security in the countryside-thieves stealing farm equipment, the Wages gap) and so on. It's about time Defra and the Ministry of Agriculture got their wellies on and spent a minimum of at least 3 months working on a farm - only then, might they start to realise how important the business of agriculture is. So far I am not impressed with all the blather about Brexit (mostly done by champagne swilling and camembert munching government hobnobs); also where are the MEPs (Members of European Parliament) on any of the issues - they should be standing up protecting our farmers and helping make a better world for domesticated animals and speaking up for British Farmers and workers. Those statistics about farming's contribution to the economy (the GNP) should be on the front new pages for starters!
  • Posted by: J L BarrowPosted on: 27/04/2018 09:07:02

    Comment: Back BRITISH Farming only a fool wood rely on imported food remember the last war ???
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