Have you seen Red Tractor's new TV ad?

Red Tractor TV ad _57398

This week Red Tractor launched a new million pound TV advertising campaign to help raise the profile of the farmers behind the assurance scheme, and promote the high standards that they adhere to. 

Watch their new ad below:

Find out more about Red Tractors's campaign here.

Red Tractor is a world leading farm and food assurance scheme that provides traceable, safe food. It’s an easy signpost for consumers looking for British food and drink that they can trust.

Red Tractor has some of the most comprehensive farm and food standards in the world, covering more types of food and drink than any other. By purchasing Red Tractor you are supporting British farmers and food producers and choosing a World leading food safety standard for you and your family. We do the checks so you don’t have to.

The Red Tractor logo can be found on millions of food and drink items sold in supermarkets and restaurants across the country. The Red Tractor team takes pride in bringing consumers traceable, safe, responsibly produced food.

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Charles Goldingham - 17/09/2018 00:19:13

The Red Tractor advert should have started with a Red Tractor (not orange) and finished with red tractor logo. Not at all memorable

Linda Foote - 16/09/2018 19:43:14

This is a really well produced advert. It holds your attention as it is so visually pleasing and it makes some very good points

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