What your dog is really thinking, part two

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Dogfather May_62068

Hello dear readers. ’Tis I, once again, Lily-dog. Bad news: Dad found out that I nicked his laptop and wrote last month’s column. Good news: he’s seen sense and realised that I actually do a better job that him. (Perceptive of him, editor). So guess what..? You get ME for another month.

I would like to say that people are weird. Like, well weird. Take sheep poo, for example. Delicious! Like rabbit poo, but so much easier to eat. I mean rabbit poo’s all fiddly and little but sheep poo’s proper bite-size, right? You can get a decent mouthful if you’re quick enough, but you have to be quick because humans – and science is yet to explain this behaviour – get all shirty when you eat any.

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