Equine behaviour: training your horse for others

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Horses have been a huge part of my life for 21 years. They have influenced every major decision; from helping me to decide on a career path, to where I should live permanently. They have also been the determining factor on what I spend my time and money on. 

I have put their happiness above my own and everything that I have done in my personal and professional life has been to ensure that my herd of three can stay together and be cared for, by me, the majority of the time. 

But it has not been easy to achieve this ideal vision of what it should be like when you own a horse. Sometimes, life just gets in the way and changes your plans.

So, what happens if you have to loan out your horse for a time; or even sell him? What happens if your horse suddenly ends up in a new environment with new people looking after him? The answer is this: what happens to our horse in

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