Equine behaviour: the signs your horse isn't feeling well

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Trust your instincts

Melissa Volpi's horse Zara_58961

Veterinary science and intuition don’t always agree, especially when it comes to horse health. The science can tell us that our horse’s vital signs are normal. It can tell us that our horse’s body temperature is somewhere between 37.2 and 38.3 C (give or take a couple of points on either side). It can tell us that our horse’s pulse is between 28 and 44 beats per minute, or that their respiration rate is somewhere between 10 and 24 breaths per minute. 

If the mucous membranes are a healthy pink colour, the capillary refill time is two seconds or less (time it takes for the gums to return to pink after being pressed with a finger), and the gut sounds are normal, then your horse is probably not a veterinary emergency – as the science states that your horse’s body is functioning as it should.

But what happens if your horse doesn't

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