Equine behaviour: Shetland ponies

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Shetland ponies - Behaviour similar to a Thoroughbred

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Everyone who meets Rona (my miniature Shetland) for the first time always says the same thing: “Wow, she is too cute! I want one!” 

Rona is cute – that statement cannot be disputed. She is a mass of chestnut-coloured body hair with a flaxen mane and tail.  She has a small face with eyes that are normally hidden by a thick forelock. She has small legs and hooves, too, and it’s a wonderful sight to behold watching her keep up with my two sports horses as they run around the paddock. 

But take away Rona’s cute looks and charming personality and what are you left with? A small horse that’s not dissimilar to a Thoroughbred in her reactions. When I first started studying equine behaviour, my tutor told me that

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