Equine behaviour: Horses need our undivided attention

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Horses need our undivided attention

Melissa Volpi and her horses _59139

My horses always have my time, but they’re not always the sole focus of my thoughts.

Every morning I arrive at our converted roundel to put my horses out in the paddock and make sure that their water buckets and haylage piles are topped up for the day ahead. Every afternoon I arrive at the roundel to muck out our three stables and prepare afternoon and evening feeds before bringing my horses in just before it gets dark. 

And every evening I arrive back to carry out my final checks and feed the horses again before I go to bed. My horses see me three times a day without fail. My whole day revolves around their needs. But is this enough?

My young Scottish sports horse, Maia, will tell you that it’s not. It’s not enough for Maia to see me often and receive a pat or a groom from me in the passing. Maia is not interested in my

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