Equine behaviour: changing emotions in your horse

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The King’s Speech is a great film. It’s not an equestrian film. It’s not a film that has any direct link to equine behavioural science. But what it does portray, very beautifully, is the power of emotion and how this strength of feeling can have a negative or a positive effect on your wellbeing and success in life. 

The King’s Speech showed the changing emotional state of King George VI, and how this inner change altered his outer behaviour indefinitely. 

King George had a stammer because of an emotional trauma in his early life. This stammer stopped the King from reaching his full potential. It took the unconventional approach of his friend, and speech therapist, Lionel Logue to help cure the King once and for all. It was a long and complicated road to get there, though. The King’s Speech is the story of an inspiring journey that has

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