Tips for coping with aphids, slugs and snails

Pippa Greenwood is a trained botanist and a regular presenter on Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time.

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Pippa says: April is the month when you never quite know whether it will be a classic spring or an early heatwave…or maybe something in between, but with the emphasis on April showers! But whatever the weather throws at you this month, you can be sure that everything will be growing (but also hatching and eating!) far faster than it has so far this year. Definitely a time when you’ll need to grab every possible opportunity to get out there and get gardening...have fun!


  • Place orders for some garden-ready vegetable plants, perfect for if you didn’t quite get around to raising everything you need from seed. It’s also worth buying any seed you anticipate needing over the next couple of months. Buying now before the favourite varieties sell out means you won’t have to compromise and can grow exactly what you want. Keep all packets of seed in a cool and dry place until

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