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Just after Christmas, houses up and down the country are made all the more lovely because they’re decorated not just with china ornaments, but also with houseplants. Sadly, before spring has even arrived, these gorgeous plants are often flopped, withered, wilted and dead! 

There are a number of real classic winter houseplants that help to make your house look great, lift your spirits and bring a bit of that garden feel right in to your living room.  

Houseplants such as cyclamen, poinsettia, Christmas cactus, indoor azaleas and moth orchids have the potential to transform just about every room in your house, but neglect them or get their care wrong and you’ll end up with a disaster before you’re properly in to the New Year. 

But there’s no need for pots of flopped foliage, with a little bit of TLC you can keep them looking great.

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Indoor azaleas prefer a cooler room, but for them, plenty of moisture is essential.  Azaleas have an extensive fibrous root system and are often very tightly packed in to their pots, with the result that they dry out easily. It’s worth soaking the pot in tepid water at least once a day, as in a warm house they dry out even faster.  

If the compost does get dry, stand the pot in water for several hours in order to allow it to re-hydrate thoroughly.  Watering with cooled black tea

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