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Pippa says: The garden may not be in fast mode now that the temperatures have started to drop and the days shorten, but there’s still plenty to do. Although it’s starting to feel distinctly nippy, once supper is over I’m enjoying the chance to settle down and sip some home-made sloe gin….in fact it’s SO delicious that I’m just off to see if I can gather the last few sloes from local hedges and make another quick batch!


  • If you can keep gooseberry, red and blackcurrants adequately pruned, they’ll perform better next year and be much less prone to attacks by mildews, grey mould, leafspots and coral spot. Just taking out dead, diseased, crossing and dying growth will make a big difference, so, if you’ve not already done so, grab the secateurs and get out there!
  • Find space to grow some fruit,

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