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Pippa says: I love the Christmas period – when I was little it was because we didn’t have to go to school and got presents, but now I value it for the dramatic slowing down of pace which is there to be enjoyed. But just every now and then I get gripped by a need for some time alone and that’s where a bit of gardening comes in handy!


  • If you’ve got a heated propagator (and if you haven’t, why not ask for one for Christmas?) you can make a few sowings of crops such as rocket, radish and winter lettuce. As long as you also have a well-lit snug spot where the resulting plants can then grow, you’ll get a useful, tasty supply of off-season salad. The plants will grow a lot more slowly at this time of year, but you’ll be glad you did it. 
  • This is a good time to get started on the winter

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