Non-alcoholic cocktails

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Non-alcoholic cocktails are a summery and fun way to celebrate at street parties and picnics.

Mojitos, mocktails, iced tea, lemonade and punch – use leftover fruit, seek out plant-based spirits, add ice cubes made with herbs, edible flowers or berries and get creative with your non-alcoholic cocktails. Look out for large bowls and jugs in charity shops that will be good to fill with your homemade beverages. Here are a few mixers and ideas that might be useful additions to your punchy recipes!

The team at Penrhos Farm on the Herefordshire Marches are passionate about farming, capturing the magic of nature and combating fruit waste. “We wanted to use our wibbly wobbly raspberries from the beginning of Penrhos Spirits journey. We saw a growing need for a gin alternative last year, but we wanted ours to be different and special. After many discussion between the team, we decided that creating a raspberry pink non-alcoholic seemed the best way to champion our amazing raspberries grown here at Penrhos.”

If you haven’t yet started bubbling your own kombucha or caught the fizzy bug, then this might be the perfect way for you to start a beautiful friendship with a new and healthy non-alcoholic tea. Established in 2016, Left Field Kombucha is a UK craft brewer of kombucha tea based in the tea smuggling coastal town of Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders.

If you are keen to find great mocktail recipes and discover new drinks, then look no further than Switchel from Mother Root. “At its heart, a Switchel is a concentrated infusion of ginger, apple cider vinegar and a sweetener of some sort, traditionally honey, maple syrup or molasses. It’s designed to be diluted with water (sparkling or still) or used as a delicious ingredient in cocktails. Mother Root Ginger Switchel is a perfectly balanced blend of pressed ginger juice, blossom honey, organic apple cider vinegar and a touch of chilli.”

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