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Whether you prefer a traditional Sunday roast or tasty beef curry, Great British Beef Week is the perfect time to celebrate one of our favourite meats.

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From iron to vitamins B6 and B12, British beef provides no fewer than eight of the most essential vitamins and minerals for our health. And Great British Beef Week - this year from 1-7 April - champions high quality, home-produced beef as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Now in its ninth year, the week is spearheaded by Ladies in Beef, a group of more than 150 female beef farmers who care passionately about what they do.

Ladies in Beef co-founder Jilly Greed, who farms 200 beef cows on Devonshire water meadows, says:

“There are so many uncertainties in farming right now; British beef farmers need your support more than ever. British beef is an important part of the global diet because of its quality and its nutritional and environmental health benefits.

“It’s important to the UK economy too, with the beef and veal industries worth around £3 billion.

“We’d like shoppers to know that British-farmed beef is good for the environment, with almost half (47%) of the UK’s many breeds of cattle managed on our mountains, moorlands, marshlands and wetland meadows.

“This grassland increases the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere and has been grazed for thousands of years. Livestock farming is an established part of our history.

“Beef is also a nutritionally valuable part of a balanced diet, being rich in protein. It also contains haem iron, which is easily absorbed and provides eight vitamins and minerals which contribute towards good health. Let’s make sure that beef is known as an important and healthy part of the global diet.”

During this year’s campaign week, Red Tractor-assured thin cut beef steaks will be promoted using new internationally-themed recipes to encourage shoppers to try a beef-based dish. Events during the week will also raise money for farming charity RABI, which gave out more than £2.2m to farming people in financial need in 2018.

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Cook with British beef

Speedy beef curry

Speedy beef curry

Need a quick and nutritious meal? Then look no further than this beef curry which takes less than 40 minutes from start to finish.


Beef mini roast with mustard crust

This beef topside mini roast is covered with a mixture of seasoning, mustard, garlic puree and a little oil for a delicious and easy glaze, and is a perfect midweek meal.

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