Five great things to do with beef

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Why not use Great British Beef Week as a chance to batch cook some recipes with beef.
It’s always helpful to have some meals in stock and it doesn’t really take much longer to make a big batch than just one meal. Look out for locally reared beef or perhaps stock up on a beef box that gives you some different cuts to try and is excellent value for money, too.

  1.  Make a big batch of homemade meatballs, add some cinnamon and a little paprika to the mixture and make a tasty pot of tomato sauce. I find its best to cook the meatballs, let them cool and then to freeze them in bags or little pots. Freeze small portions of the sauce, too, and you can then grab them both from the freezer for lots of hassle-free meals.
  2.  Make your own recipe dishes, they are so much tastier and more economical than shop bought. It’s useful to stock up on some foil trays with cardboard lids and then all your dishes don’t disappear out of circulation to the freezer. Shepherd’s pies, cottage pies and lasagnes all freeze well, and you can vary the portions according to who eats which the most, too!
  3. For a brilliant taste of British summertime, get kneading and crimping and make your own Cornish pasties. Beef skirt is traditionally used in the recipe, alongside lots of swede, onion, potato and freshly ground black pepper, but it’s also fun to come up with your own twists. Try adding other summer vegetables, spices or even add cheese to the pastry.
  4. Beef and mushroom stroganoff is a great summery dish. Cook onions and mushrooms in butter and put to one side. Flour and finely slice a piece of steak, sizzle in hot butter. Slosh 2 tablespoons of sherry into the hot pan to release all the goodness. Add the mushrooms and onions back to the pan. In a jug, whisk together half a tub of crème fraiche, 1 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and 80ml of beef stock and add back to the pan. Spoon onto freshly cooked pasta and sprinkle chopped fresh herbs on top.
  5. Pick wild garlic, chop mint, basil and other herbs that are growing abundantly and make delicious homemade pesto sauce. A simple basic recipe will transform a burger, revolutionise a steak and, if frozen in small pots, a big batch will last you for months!

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