5 ways to cook meat on the barbecue

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Barbecues are all about summertime and eating outdoors, so have fun adding the abundance of July vegetables and herbs to your meaty menu, says Miranda Gore Browne
  1. Homemade burgers really do taste so much fresher and more delicious than shop-bought. Crumble in cheese, add fresh herbs and grate in summer vegetables. Everyone will love your homemade recipes and will be asking you to reveal the secret ingredients. Use minced meat, add your favourite flavours and use a beaten egg to mix it together. If the mixture seems too sticky, add some flour or oats. Chill well before barbecuing, as this will help them to hold their shape better when cooking.
  2. We used to love making kebabs when we were little, they always seemed so colourful and fun. The technical challenge was to make sure we had just the right sized pieces of meat and vegetables, so they cooked evenly and didn’t fall through the grill on the barbecue! Courgettes, mushrooms, small tomatoes, baby potatoes, summer squashes, peppers and aubergines are all lovely to mix with chunks of raw meat on wood or metal skewers. Or, get your guests involved in the cooking, prepare the meat and vegetables and let them make their own, add their own rubs and brush on their choice of marinade.
  3. Good-quality meat needs little more than a squeeze of lemon, slosh of rapeseed oil and salt and pepper. Many cuts of meat can be made super tender with an overnight marinade in all types of fruit juice – apple, lemon, lime and orange all work to break down proteins and add flavour. I love finding out which marinades friends use and experimenting with adding Worcestershire sauce, mustard, crushed garlic, beer, flavoured vinegars and using up chutneys, jellies and sauces in the cupboard too.
  4. Raid the spice cupboard and have fun mixing up some bespoke tasty rubs. Pop them into jars and label them neatly. Cumin and cinnamon blend well with nutmeg and chilli for a Middle Eastern taste. Oregano, rosemary, basil and garlic give a more Italian touch. Or for the flavours of the South of France, mix thyme, lavender, bay leaves, chervil and sage. Rub into meat and leave covered in the fridge to soak up all the flavours and to take your barbecue game to a whole new level!
  5. Don’t waste the heat on the barbecue, use it to slow cook pieces of meat that need a little longer to get tender. Short ribs are irresistibly good cooked long and slow. Marinade in the fridge overnight with 100g brown sugar, 200ml cider or beer, 100ml cider vinegar, mustard and paprika. Put onto a hot barbecue and then move to the side and put the lid on or turn the temperature down to 150 degrees and cook for about four hours. Brush with the remaining marinade during the cooking process.

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