Make your own Christmas wreath

tallulah 1_81938As winter closes in, you would be forgiven for assuming that things slow down on a flower farm. In fact, far from being quiet and empty at this time of year, flower studios are a hive of creative industry with Christmas door wreath production in full swing.
The classic foliage wreath has been given a stylish and sustainable twist by members of Flowers from the Farm, the membership association championing more than 1,000 artisan growers and florists of seasonal, sustainable British cut flowers and foliages. Passionate about highlighting the natural beauty of the seasons and advocating sustainable floristry techniques, this talented band is leading the way in festive wreath design.
Every wreath they create by hand is unique and uses a range of seasonal foliages, berries and sometimes dried flowers grown on their own farms, sourced from fellow local producers or often foraged - with permission, of course - from local hedgerows and woodlands. If you fancy getting hands-on and fashioning your own wreath, many farmer-florists are hosting workshops in their studios and local event venues. Why not book yourself a place or a group session to get family, friends or colleagues into the festive spirit?  Or invest in a wreath-making kit, if you prefer to get creative with the help of an online tutorial in the comfort of your own home.
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Wreath-making with Tallulah Rose Flower School

Since founding Tallulah Rose Flower School 12 years ago, Rachel Wardley has launched hundreds of careers in floristry through her acclaimed Career Change Course.
These self-proclaimed ‘Tallulahs’ – including dozens of farmer-florists – come to Rachel not only for her inspirational teaching, but also for her passion for sustainable floristry techniques and seasonal British cut flowers and foliage. 
“To me, the key to making a wreath is making it reflect ‘me’. Do your own thing, create your own style rather than trying to copy. I would forage and make it as natural as possible, because that’s what I like. The secret is to picture the season in foliage and to be more natural or wild than formulaic!”
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Make your own wreath

You will need:

A willow base
Sphagnum moss
A mix of seasonal evergreen foliage
A reel of twine  
Ribbon, dried flowers, berries (optional)

tallulah step 1_81939

1 We use sustainable floristry methods at the school. We don’t use floral foam, as it doesn’t biodegrade. So start out with a willow wreath base and tie on the twine. Add a handful of moss and secure it in place by winding the twine over it. Add another clump of moss and secure by winding the twine over and repeat until you have covered the entire wreath base, keeping your twine tight as you go.

2 Prepare small bundles of foliage cut as short or as long as you like and tie each bundle together with twine. The longer the stems, the wilder the look.

tallulah step 3_81942

3 Lay the first foliage bundle flat onto the mossed wreath and loop over the twine to hold it in place. Place the next foliage bundle so that it overlaps and hides the stems of the first bundle and loop the twine over to hold it in place. Repeat until you have covered the wreath base fully, keeping the twine tight throughout. Tie a knot and cut the twine.

4 Firmly insert your choice of flowers, berries, dried foliages and decorative ribbon between the foliage stems. Tie a loop of twine to the base and use it to hang your wreath to the door.

tallulah step 4_81940

5 The finished wreath looks fresh and festive and will make an impact on any front door.

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